When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Device

Many people aren’t aware of when the right time to upgrade their device is. It could be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even a television. The sad truth is that all of these devices are getting older, even the most advanced one will be outdated after a few years. That’s why it’s important to know when it’s time to upgrade your devices. Just like a home or an automobile, electronics eventually need to be upgraded and replaced.

I ran into a similar problem just yesterday. A business associate and friend of mine offered to give me one of the latest versions of Adobe Master Suite. It gives access to Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and a number of other handy programs that can be used professionally in the business and marketing worlds. It would have been a great opportunity to make a little extra money on the side. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out to be the case.

My Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and my 2011 edition MacBook Pro aren’t quite fast enough to run the programs. I would need twice as much RAM and a better graphics processor as well. Suffice it to say, now would be a great time to upgrade my devices. How are others going to know when it’s time to upgrade?

Knowing When it’s Time to Upgrade


One of the best indicators that one’s devices have gone out of style and out of commission is that too much time has gone by. Generally, after a couple of years, a device is going to fall behind the other devices that are out there. Whether it’s a laptop or a smartphone, there are constantly other devices being released by competitors and even by the same company. This keeps the electronics companies in competition and keeps good products coming out.

Memory and Processor

Looking at the specs of a device is another way to know if it’s gone out of date. Just by walking down an aisle at Best Buy or Walmart one is able to see what the specs are of all the newest products. That’s going to be the best way to learn whether or not your particular device has gotten too slow. However, if your device is still able to run everything that you need it to, you might not need to upgrade yet.

Running Programs

Whether or not your device is able to run the programs you need it to is the biggest indicator of it being time to upgrade. I knew it was time to upgrade my device when it wasn’t able to run the latest programs from Adobe that would assist me in my work. If yours isn’t able to get the job done then it’s definitely time to start looking for a new one.


The smartphone industry is one that is constantly being upgraded. Some of the older models can still get the job done, but there are also people that use their phone for certain things that the older models wouldn’t be able to accomplish. Some people use their iPhone for photography or videography, for example, and the older models don’t have a good enough camera to get good enough content that could be used for professional purposes.

Remember that if you are wanting to upgrade your device, you’ll also be able to sell your old one. Post your old device for sale on a site like Amazon or eBay, and the profits you receive from it will be able to go towards the purchase of your new device. Upgrading electronics is always fun, so go out and enjoy getting a new product!

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Social Media Is The New Watercooler

Social media is the new watercooler for co-workers. It can be awkward when a co-worker wants to be added to your social media network. But more and more companies are encouraging co-workers to connect on social media and communicate on social media about work related topics. Being friends with the people that you work with on social media can be a great way to increase team spirit and build a sense of camaraderie in the office. But it can also lead to some hurt feelings and drama if not managed carefully. Here are a few tips to help you safely navigate the digital watercooler of social media with your co-workers:

Pretend You’re Talking Face To Face

An easy way to make sure that the tone of your social media communications remains professional and polite is to imagine that you’re saying the words that you are typing to a co-worker’s face instead of sending them on social media. If you wouldn’t say it to the person’s face don’t say it on social media. Read over your message before you send it to make sure that the tone is professional and polite. It’s better to be too formal than too casual.

Remember That Social Media Messages Don’t Disappear

If a relationship with a co-worker turns sour they may print out your messages or show your messages to a supervisor. So, when you’re writing a message or sending a Tweet or communicating in any way on social media think about how that message would look to a supervisor or to your boss. Always be sure that you don’t say anything offensive.

Check Your Privacy Settings

When you add co-workers to a site like Facebook you can change the privacy settings for each post. So you can still post photos of a birthday party you had, or a trip you went on, or your child’s 3rd grade play or anything else without sharing it with your co-workers. Change your privacy settings so that only your close friends are able to see personal posts. It’s always better to keep personal things private than to share them with everyone on your friends list. That way you can avoid drama and hurt feelings.

Consider Making Another Account

If you like to keep your professional and private life separate consider making two social media accounts on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make one that is just for personal use and make another one for professional networking. That way you never have to worry that your personal posts or photos are being seen by people you don’t want to share them with.

When In Doubt Don’t Post It

If you’re not sure whether or not to share something like a potentially inflammatory article or a sensitive picture choose to be cautious and just don’t post it. Not everything is appropriate material to share with your co-workers. Talking about TV shows and news is a good way to bond with your co-workers but be careful not to post anything that might start an argument or irritate or offend a co-worker. You need to spend most of the day every day with these people and you don’t want to start any drama. If you really want to talk about a show or something in the news or something that might not be appropriate material to discuss with co-workers post that on your personal social media and discuss it there with your friends and family.

Don’t Be Too Familiar

Social media posts tend to be very casual and sometimes can get very personal in tone and vocabulary. That’s fine if you’re meeting friends on social media. But when you’re talking to co-workers or about co-workers you should stick to a professional tone and keep your online demeanor just like your office demeanor.

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When Social Media Marketing Goes Wrong: Elements Commonly Misunderstood

Marketing on social media has turned into a science.  In the beginning, people saw social media as just a fad that would fade away overtime.  Now, people have found ways to use its outreach to make a profit.  It isn’t easy to use this platform unless you know the market and how users take advantage of their time when logged on.  The concept of using social media for advertising is about a decade old, but it is still in developing stages as marketers continue to learn user habits.

Companies see social media as an opportunity to grow their brand.  A successful marketing campaign can boost website traffic, increase brand exposure, and generate more revenue.  One the flip side, there are things marketers need to work on when trying to grab attention of their market. Here are a few things to know when it comes to social media marketing that may lead to poor results.

The Number of Followers Doesn’t Always Matter

Having a large number of followers is good and it’s even better to see the number go up as you get more views and page visits. Unfortunately, when advertising marketers may think this is important when you need to consider the quality of the followers you have.  You can have a large number but it may not turn into profits, web traffic, or even help your brand grow. Consider how to engage with people that follow your page and learn about the followers including where they come from (what traffic brings them to your page).

You Don’t Have to Pay to Get Noticed

Many ad campaigns running on social media are paid.  Sure, it helps to get the ad seen by a broader audience and it can help boost likes and page shares. It may even encourage people to engage on the page more and increase visibility.  The key here is to focus on creating quality posts people will want to share, pin, like, and so on.  Quality posts improve the look of your brand and it will make engaging with visitors easier when you provide something they can talk about worthy of sharing.

You Don’t Have to Be on So Many Platforms

Some think you can increase your visibility by getting pages on multiple platforms.  It can help but you may not need as many as you think.  First off, it becomes challenging trying to keep up with posts, pages, followers, and so on.  Second, you may end up losing followers if you are not able to focus on their interests and provide quality posts running the risk of becoming irrelevant.  Your brand needs to determine which platforms best compliment your personality while being compatible with content you want to share.  In other words, narrow down options to focus on those that will give a better return on time invested.

Don’t Rely Too Much on Automated Posts

Having posts lined up to publish automatically can be useful.  If the content is something that will remain relevant to followers it is useful to have when you don’t have time to create something current.  Using the option too much can make the brand look like a robot and lack a personal connection followers seek. Fresh content from time to time is part of the “social” element to keep in mind.

Using Hashtags Too Often

Hashtags can improve visibility of posts but using them too much can get annoying and come off as spam.  In some cases, if the hashtag isn’t used appropriately it could tarnish your brand.  Your reputation is at stake; make sure they are used with a purpose.

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Review of the Mid-Season Premiere of the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead just returned to AMC, and the mid-season premiere shined a little light on what fans of the show can expect from the rest of Season 7. It will be coming to Netflix hopefully by the end of the year, if not just before the next season comes out, but those who have been keeping up with the show won’t be able to wait that long and are going to be keeping up with the show on Sunday nights on AMC.

So what are fans making of the mid-season premiere? Be careful reading on, as this will continue more than a couple spoilers, albeit only slight ones as not enough has happened yet to give away. There are a lot of people who have been waiting patiently for The Walking Dead to return. Tonight they finally got their wish.

The Walking Dead Review

King Ezekiel is Hesitant to Join Rick

One thing that becomes clear once Rick finally gets to The Kingdom is that King Ezekiel isn’t too excited about joining Rick and his friends in a crusade against The Saviors. He is concerned, first and foremost, with the safety of the residents of The Kingdom. One of the most entertaining portions of the episode was watching Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and the rest of the gang see Ezekiel and his tiger for the first time.

No Negan So Far

There was a lot of discussion about Negan in the mid-season premiere of Season 7. Although Negan’s voice does appear over a walkie-talkie during the episode, there was no sighting of Negan whatsoever. The episode consisted of Rick making his rounds to the other communities to try and convince them to join forces with him against The Saviors.

A 2-Hour Episode Would Have Been Great

One of my complaints about the mid-season premiere is that it just wasn’t long enough. Many people would agree that, after waiting several months to see an episode of The Walking Dead again, it would’ve been nice to have more than an hour episode. One of the struggles of each season of The Walking Dead is that they are slow to gain momentum. Thankfully, this season is already halfway over, so it’s got enough momentum behind it already.

What to Look for in the Coming Episodes

There are a lot of people who are wondering what to expect from the rest of the season. Those, like me, who aren’t familiar with the comic books have no idea what to expect. I expect to see King Ezekiel eventually come around to joining forces with Rick and The Hilltop, although it may take a rather negative event serving as a catalyst that spurs him into action. My hunch says it will have something to do with Carol.

Look for a Tone-down in the Violence

Since Season 7’s premiere, TWD came under intense scrutiny for being unnecessarily violent. Two main characters were killed by Negan in the season premiere, in a rather Saw-esque beating with a baseball bat. Since then it’s seemed that the producers toned on the violence some, even though the show does take place in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. Maintaining a show that is intense but not disturbing would be a good move for the producers and the entire TWD team.

Those that are looking for a good show to watch on Netflix, The Walking Dead is a good place to start. There are only so many shows out there, after all, and only so many are great. It’s not too late to catch up on The Walking Dead, and hurry on through Season 6, so that they can watch next Sunday on AMC.

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Getting More and More Space for your Device

Suppose, for example, you are taking a long trip.  You want to bring along your entire music library and not just the handful of playlists that fit on your 16GB iPad Mini and enough movies to last you through two or more long fligh, what will you do?  Will you run for an external device?  What if the finances are not available at that particular time?  Will you forgo yourfavorite’s music?  Not necessarily!  External storage devices can give you virtually unlimited extra space for music, movies, photos, documents, and other data.  When you can afford them.  On the other side, there are many of the alternatives that are surprisingly affordable.

It does not matter how free your device is at the time of purchase.  As you continue to add more files, the device also continues to fill up. It reaches a point where your device can not take in any more and at that time you have important inputs to store and even the ones already stored are also very important. Selecting the files one by one may be very difficult especially when almost all the files seem to be important. Because the electronic consumer products are used almost every day, their storage is usually short lived. When this happens there are simple ways that one can clear the storage.

First, this can be done by simply Uninstalling applications.  At one point or the other you will find out that, you have some installations that you no longer use and sometimes have even forgotten about.  There is no need to have unused for better and important things you could also decide to go for applications that do not take a lot of space.  You could also decide to disable hibernate.  This is also known as the quasi –shut down state which happens when you do not fully shut down your computer, at this state ,the computer usually save a snapshot  of the files that you were reviewing before shutting the computer, this saved files in return piles up and consumes a lot of space in the device.

Emptying the recycle bin.  It is very obvious that all the things that one delete from the device are stored in the recycle been so that you can be able to retrieve them when you feel the need even after deleting. This simply means that the deleted data do not leave any free space in the device but the date is just moved to another part of the computer. To ensure that space is created in the device, one needs to ensure that the unwanted documents are no longer stored in the device but are removed completely to ensure that more space is left. As the name goes the recycle bin contains waist that can be recycled and when you do not need to recycle the waste it is better that you completely do away with them. It is as simple as right clicking on recycle bin and clicking on the delete option.

Another way to simply clear your history is by disk cleaning. Windows usually have a disk utility that cleanup. This utility helps to clear more space by ensuring the removal of various files. These files may include clearing up the system error memory, the various installations that may still be hanging and even the temporary internet files. The disk cleanup is usually found in the Start menu where you will find the all apps, then you click the window administrative tools and right there the disk clean up will appear and there you go. You could also save your files in different drives especially if your computer is endorsed by multiple drives. If not you could partition your computer into multiple devices in such a way that when one is full, the other has available space for usage. In addition, you could also use other storage devices that are connected to the computer such as USB flash or the memory cards.

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The New Reality

Our world and environment is slowly but surely becoming ‘designer-‘ or custom made. This is with the coming of virtual reality, a created environment and a product of advanced technology. Virtual reality traverses wide areas and has varied benefits basing on why exactly it is created in the given context. It has brought real change in the way things electronic are viewed and used.

The 3D television is one of the simplest versions of created environment. The production of programs for this television uses two cameras set apart just like the eyes are positioned. The images are captured very clearly and even the sound is out of this world. When one views the television, only blurred images will be seen as a special set of goggles are needed to make them clear. Many electronics manufacturers are producing these sets with the goggles which come separately. However, compared to other areas virtual reality is taking root, this is just but the tip of the iceberg.

Cloud storage is another invention that has really transformed business practice the world over. A business can store its data in a virtual memory over the internet instead of the traditional server or computer hard discs. Should the information be needed, all one needs is a password and an internet enabled device. One just logs into their accounts and access the information anywhere and anytime. Of course there are many advantages that are associated with cloud storage. A lot of information and data can be stored. One may not need so much investment in terms of the infrastructure as the storage, analysis or any form of processing of data is done in the cloud. The data is quite secure but accessible. The security of the data is constantly and automatically updated so one does not need to worry. Also, compared to physical infrastructure, cloud storage is quite affordable. You are made put in charge of controlling who access your information as you set your own passwords and other settings as you deem fit.

It is in the video games that virtual reality comes to life. Virtual reality headsets are the in thing. Many companies have invested in the headsets giving quite a range of options in line with enjoying the games. Among the companies are Samsung, Sony and Google among others. The headsets present a number of options to the buyer. Some like Samsung gear and Sony Play Station VR are tethered while Google Daydream view is mobile. Sometimes the tethering may limit movement but does not dilute the experience. While the Sony PS VR and Oculus Rift models will limit you to a seat, they still allow you to play almost any game. You may also need to be near a screen or PC set to make this happen. The HTC Vive Stream VR transforms your room into a cube and allows or rather enables you to move around in the course of your game. It however needs real heavy investment in the internet infrastructure. Gaming is never the same experience with the Virtual Reality headsets.

Again, virtual reality has given rise to virtual assistants. These assistants do almost anything from choosing the type of music to keeping schedules and controlling other electronic devices using the same or compatible operating systems. Amazon Echo, Google Home and Siri are some of the virtual assistants in the market.

There is so much more to be talked about in virtual reality and we expect that soon, even better devices are making the virtual even more real and affordably.

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Amazon Fire Tablets

For those that are searching for a tablet and don’t want to spend what it takes to purchase a fancy iPad, the Amazon Fire tablet series may be the way to go. They are produced by Amazon, one of the biggest if not the biggest online store (which has just about everything anyone could ever want). The tablet series by Amazon is a great alternative to some of the more expensive tablets out there.

The Fire, Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 are all great tablets manufactured by Amazon. They have a decent amount of storage space and a quality camera that makes them great for skyping friends and loved ones. They also have up to 12 hours of battery life which makes them great for traveling and for when people are on-the- go. They are great tablets in a world where these devices typically cost much, much more.

The Fire Tablet Series


The standard Fire model is available at Amazon for just $50, making it one of the most affordable tablets on the market. It comes with the options of 8GB and 16GB of storage, with the 16GB costing just $20 more. A microSD card can provide up to 200GB more storage for those that want to store movies for watching while traveling. It has a respectable 7 hours of battery life, as well. This makes a great gift for family or for children, and the 7” display makes it one of the most pocket-size tablets available on the market.

Fire HD 8

The Fire HD 8 is a great option for those that are wanting a larger screen for when they are watching movies and videos. It’s available in black, blue, pink, and orange. It has bigger storage options, with 16GB and 32GB choices available. The screen size is one of the biggest advantages over the standard “Fire” model, with an 8” display giving it a more respectable screen size. There is a 2MP camera on the rear for taking photos and 720p video, and a front-facing VGA camera on the front for skype calls. It’s on Amazon for $90 and $120.

Fire HD 10

The Fire HD 10 is the largest display available on a tablet from Amazon, with its 10” display putting it a step above either of the smaller tablet. But the biggest advantage of the Fire HD 10 isn’t the screen. Unlike the other tablets by Amazon, this one has a 720p front-facing video camera for Skype calls. The other tablets have a VGA camera which isn’t going to deliver near as good quality of video. The memory options are the same as the Fire HD 8, but there is still the expandable memory option with a microSD card. One of the other big benefits of these tablets is Alexa, the A.I. personality that’s able to assist the user with their questions and needs. The Fire HD 10 is available on Amazon for $230 and $275.

Fire Kids Edition

The Kids Edition of the Fire is still a fully functional Fire Tablet, but it includes a free year of access to all the kids content available from Amazon. It also has a 2-year warranty so that parents can give it to their children without worrying that they will demolish it. It has a 7” display as well, so it’s big enough for kids to enjoy.

Fire HDX 8.9

This tablet isn’t currently available on Amazon, but it’s still the fastest and most powerful tablet they have produced. It has a memory option of 64GB, and better Wi-fi capability and display than the other models. It also weighs only 13.2oz, 34% lighter than the previous models.

Each of these are great tablets from Amazon, for those wanting to have the best tablets at the best price.